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Free Consultation with Cincinnati Injury Lawyer

Aug 3, 2010
2 min read

A free consultation with one of the highly qualified lawyers at McKenzie & Snyder LLP has several distinct benefits for those injured in an automobile crash, work injury, or other accident in the greater Cincinnati area.

Free Consultation Means Exactly That: There is No Charge for Consulting with Our Attorneys

Clients are often surprised when we tell them that there is no charge for consulting with one of the highly skilled attorneys at McKenzie & Snyder. Sometimes consultations last ten minutes, other times consultations can take up to an hour. Regardless, there is no risk and no obligations attached to a consultation with our firm. We understand that when one has suffered an injury on the job, or has been involved in a motor vehicle accident, money is often tight. We will never add insult to that injury by charging you a fee for consulting with us about your case. For no charge at all, we will listen to you, ask questions about your case, and give you a fair, honest opinion about what we feel should be done in your particular circumstances.

Every claim is unique and every client of ours has a story to tell. Whether you injured your low back, shoulder, neck, or knee, we want to hear how your accident has affected your life, how it has changed how you have to do things. We listen, we digest, and we offer sound, reasonable advice. We hope you will choose our firm when considering consulting with a Cincinnati injury attorney.

If you wish to schedule a free consultation, use the form to the right or simply call 513-737-5180.

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Written by Andrew Tobergte

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