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Property Damage Questions

How is a vehicle determined to be a total loss?

If my vehicle is a total loss, what can I get in return?

If my vehicle is a total loss, can I keep it and get my total loss settlement?

If my vehicle is repairable, what can I recover?

Can the insurance company use aftermarket and/or used parts for my repair work?

How long can I have a rental car?

What if the insurance company is delaying payment for a rental car?

If I am in a car accident and the other party is at fault, who pays for the damage to my car and for my rental?

If my car needs to be towed from the scene, do I have to use the tow company the police want?

Are there limits on how much I can be charged while my car is at the tow lot?

Can I retrieve personal items from my car when it is at the tow lot?

How long should I leave my car at the tow lot?

How long could I leave my vehicle at the tow lot before the lot can lawfully deem it abandoned and take possession/title?

Personal Injury Questions

How much time do I have to file my case in Ohio?

Can I still recover even if the at-fault party has no insurance?

What type of damages can I recover from my personal injury claim?

How long will my personal injury case take?

How much money will I receive for my personal injury claim?

Do I owe legal fees if we don’t win?

Can I make an injury claim for compensation if the accident was not my fault but I do not have a valid drivers license or insurance of my own?

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