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What's Your Car Accident Settlement Really Worth?

What's Your Car Accident Settlement Really Worth?
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Explore All Paths to Injury Compensation in Ohio:

Every dollar counts. If there are paths to compensation, we explore them. This is how we’ve achieved millions of dollars in awards. Get a law firm who looks out for you!

We Care About Our Clients & Our Hamilton Community:

We understand what you are experiencing. Call us. We will listen to the facts and if you have a case we will represent you at no charge until we come through for you with a settlement or victory at trial.

Serving Hamilton, Fairfield, Ross, Dayton, Oxford, Liberty Township & Southwest Ohio Since 1998 providing experienced lawyers and legal staff and individualized attention to your personal needs.

“I really had a great experience with McKenzie and Snyder and would strongly recommend them to friends and family.”

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With over 75 years of combined legal experience the personal injury law firm of McKenzie & Snyder has the experience & the team to fight on your behalf.

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