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Cincinnati Workers Comp Lawyer: Protecting Yourself After a Work Accident

Oct 1, 2010
3 min read

Suffering a work injury can be frightening, painful and worrisome. Injured employees often have a number of common questions: What do I do now? Go to the hospital? Tell my boss? Fill out an accident report? Who will pay my medical bills? What do I do if I have to miss work?

First Thing’s First: Get Medical Attention

Without a doubt, the first thing one should do following a work injury is to seek help from a medical professional. You may need the assistance of co-workers to make this happen. While no one wants to disrupt the workday by stopping work and requiring medical attention, it is much better physically and legally to seek care immediately. you can always fill out an accident report and inform your superiors about what happened later.

Proper Documentation of Your Cincinnati Work Accident (BWC)

Once you have sought proper medical care and are stable enough to do so, create and gather evidence of what occurred. This includes, but is not limited to: a FROI (“first report of injury”) form from the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, or (“BWC”), your employer’s specific accident / incident report, photographs, witness statements, video footage, etc. A note on accident reports: be sure they are filled out correctly, truthfully and fully. Try not to leave out important details. For example, if you believe you’ve significantly injured your low back (lumbar) and only slightly injured your neck (cervical) be sure to include both regions. Don’t assume your neck is not worth mentioning. Many of our clients feel pain only slightly in one body part immediately following a work injury but later that pain continues to persists and even worsen.

Consult a Cincinnati Work Injury / Workers Comp Attorney

Every case we handle here at McKenzie & Snyder LLP is unique and every injured worker has different worries, cares and concerns. Consulting with an experienced workers comp lawyer can help you determine the best course of action in your particular case.

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Written by Andrew Tobergte

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