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On the Job Accidents: A Cincinnati Workers Comp Lawyer and You

May 5, 2010
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Many workers compensation claims are handled without the help of a Cincinnati workers’ compensation attorney. If you cut your finger, burn your hand, or sprain your ankle at work, and the injury fully and quickly heals, there there may be no reason to get a work comp lawyer involved with the claim. However, if you herniate a disc, lose a limb, or suffer a rotator cuff tear (or other serious injury) on the job, having a Cincinnati work comp lawyer handle your claim has significant advantages.

Advantages of Having a Cincinnati Injury Attorney On Your Side

For example, an experienced Cincinnati work injury attorney knows how to make sure you are able to get the diagnostic testing (e.g., MRI, CT, EMG, NCV) necessary to fully diagnose your injuries. Some claims start off as being allowed for a “sprain / strain” or “soft tissue” injury. Then, an MRI reveals a slipped or displaced lumbar disc or degenerative disc disease. A competent workers comp lawyer can make sure the diagnostic test is paid for and the additional diagnosis is recognized in the BWC (Bureau of Workers’ Compensation) claim. By adding the new diagnosis, future treatment is much more likely to be paid for by the BWC or self-insured employer.

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