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Meeting with a Cincinnati Car Accident Lawyer

Nov 2, 2010
3 min read

Meeting with a Cincinnati injury lawyer can help you determine the right course of action after you have been injured in a car accident or suffered an on-the-job (“workers comp”) injury. Each injury case is unique and requires careful consideration.

What happens during a consultation with an injury lawyer?

During a consultation with our law firm, we provide background information about who we are, what we do, and how we strive to help our clients. We will ask potential clients basic background questions so we understand where our clients are coming from. We will discuss the details of the accident or crash, how it has affected the client and what he or she expects from our representation. We listen to our client’s concerns and strive to answer all questions fully and accurately. After we have an understanding of the case, we will discuss how we anticipate the case should proceed.

Do I need to bring anything to the consultation?

Generally, no, you do not need to bring anything to a consultation with McKenzie & Snyder. However, it is often helpful to bring certain documents so that we may be able to better advise you about your case (accident or crash reports, BWC claim forms, photographs, witness statements, medical records, medical bills, etc.). If you do not have these documents, we will generally retrieve them for you.

How much does it cost to meet with an attorney?

At McKenzie & Snyder, we offer free, no obligation, consultations. Further, we can often arrange to meet with you somewhere outside of our office that is more convenient for you. Finally, we generally take cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning that our services are paid through the proceeds of your case so you never have to pay any money up-front or pay a bill from our firm.

Whether you have injured your low back, neck, shoulder, suffered a burn injury or were involved in a car wreck, we will listen to your concerns and strive to represent your interests to the best of our ability. McKenzie & Snyder LLP represents clients in Cincinnati, Colerain, College Hill, Northside, Hamilton, Fairfield, Loveland, Madeira, Milford, Monroe, West Chester, Oxford, Mt. Healthy, Arlington Heights, Forest Park, Finneytown, Cheviot, Hamilton County, Butler County, Warren County, Clermont County…and many more.

Please use the contact form on our website or call 513-737-5180 to schedule a free consultation.

Written by Andrew Tobergte

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