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Litigation and the Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer

Oct 28, 2010
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Countless complaints are filed in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court stemming from injuries sustained in a car accident. These complaints generally allege “negligence” as the primary cause of action. That is, someone breached his or her duty to drive safely and caused harm to another person or persons. Once a complaint is filed, the “litigation” process begins.

Litigation in Cincinnati

Many different things can happen after a complaint is filed and before a trial (if any) is held. One of the primary things that occurs is the “discovery” process. Here, the parties involved in the suit have the right to “discover” things about the other party and their respective theories about the case.

Types of Discovery in Personal Injury / Car Crash Cases in Cincinnati

Three very typical methods of discovery are interrogatories, requests for documents and depositions. Interrogatories are simply written questions given to a party to answer under oath. A request for production of documents is exactly that, a request that a party disclose certain documents (or other tangibles).

What is a Legal Deposition?

A deposition is a question and answer session where a party or a witness is questioned about the case (among other things) under oath. Many people are frightened by depositions, but with proper preparation they can be quite simple and straight-forward.

At McKenzie & Snyder we speak one-on-one with our clients before depositions and prepare them for what to expect. We explain what type of questions are likely to be asked and why, and then discuss the case so that the client’s memory is fresh. (Depositions sometimes occur months or even years after an accident.)

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Written by Andrew Tobergte

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