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Cincinnati Workers Comp Trial Lawyers : Going to Trial

Jan 2, 2011
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Sometimes Ohio BWC claims or “work comp” claims will be decided in a court of law. One of the most common instances is where there is a dispute over whether or not the claim should be allowed. Generally this means that the employee is alleging that he or she was injured on the job and the employer alleges that there was either no injury or it was not sufficiently work related.

Workers Comp Trials in Cincinnati

Many of such cases can be found downtown in the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court. The case may be decided by a judge, a magistrate, or a jury, depending on the circumstances. The issue is generally whether or not the claim should or should not be allowed (i.e., not how much money the employee is owed).

Testimony of Witnesses in a Hamilton County Workmans Comp (BWC) Case

A number of different types of witnesses may testify in such a trial. Some of the more common ones include: eyewitnesses (those who perhaps saw the injury take place); doctors (those who have treated and/or examined the employee); lay witnesses (those who perhaps worked with the employee before and after the injury) and the injured employee themselves.

Getting the Ohio BWC Claim Allowed

If the injured worker gets hie/her claim “allowed” at trial, then certain rights will accompany the decision. The claimant may, for example, start collecting compensation for missed time at work as well as payment for reasonable medical expenses.

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Written by Andrew Tobergte

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