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Getting hurt on the job undoubtedly sends shockwaves through your entire life. Whether you’ve just become injured or you’re already at odds with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, call us anytime with any questions or a free evaluation. The call is free and so are our services, if you don’t win your case. McKenzie & Snyder has over 25 years as workers’ compensation lawyers in Hamilton Ohio, helping folks just like you get the compensation they deserve.

Hamilton Worker’s Comp Attorneys

Hamilton workers' comp attorneysIf you’ve become embattled with the BWC in Hamilton, having an experienced Ohio workers’ comp attorney immediately increases your odds at getting the recovery you’re seeking. It can only help and there is no cost to you unless you win your case.

  • Free Case Evaluation
  • We only charge if you win
  • 25 Years of Workers’ Comp Experience
  • Investigative Enquiring Law Firm


Hamilton OH – Hurt “Off The Job” or “On The Job?”

Workers' Comp Lawyers Hamilton OHEven if your employer argues that you were not on the job when the injury was sustained, it is often clear that an employee suffered an injury “arising out of and in the course of” their employment. Other times, it’s not so clear. That’s where have a Hamilton workers’ compensation lawyer helps to prove that you were in fact on the job at the time of injury.




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