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Cincinnati Car Insurance Lawyer: Issues in Coverage

Aug 12, 2010
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When a person is injured in a car wreck or auto accident any number of insurance issues may arise. Will health insurance cover some or all of the bills? Will the injured person’s own car insurance policy (e.g., medical payments or “medpay”, uninsured or underinsured driver coverage) make payments? How high are the liability limits of the negligent driver?

Hefty Medical Bills

Injuries from car wrecks often result in large surgical, chiropractic, physical therapy and/or rehabilitation bills, among others. Determining early on following a car accident which insurance policies will come into play and if, when and how they pay out is a critical component in a Cincinnati car accident case/claim.

The Insurance Company is Denying My Claim!

Sometimes an auto insurance company will deny coverage initially and later accept it. This may happen through negotiations with a personal injury / auto accident lawyer or by court order. Sitting down with an experienced Cincinnati auto crash attorney and discussing the insurance issues particular to your case can help make sure you get the coverage you deserve.

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