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How Truck Accidents Can be Different From Car Accidents

Apr 7, 2016
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Fact: Not all vehicle accidents are the same.

Trucks vs. Cars: Trucks Usually Win

While there are many more cars on the road than larger trucks, likewise there are also many more deaths related to car accidents than truck accidents. In 2011 there were almost 12,000 deaths related to car accidents in the US compared to just over 600 related to large trucks. That is a staggering difference.

Also, as you might guess, when a smaller vehicle is involved in a crash with a heavier vehicle, the heavier vehicle usually sustains far less damage. Smaller vehicles that tend to “hang out” in the blind spot of a large semi-truck, for example, often put themselves at a significantly higher risk of being involved in a potentially deadly collision.

Are Trucks Safer?

Driving a big rig can easily make you feel invincible on the roadways. After all, they are the heaviest, largest vehicles on the road and more often than not will result in far less damage than smaller cars when involved in an accident. Furthermore, the incidents of accidents involving large semi-trucks is significantly lower than other vehicles on the road.

Furthermore, it seems truck drivers may be far less apt to drink and drive than other vehicles. For example, in 2011 there were almost 10,000 fatalities related to alcohol – impaired driving. Of those fatalities, 24% were drivers of passenger cars whereas only 1% were drivers of large trucks. Regardless of these statistics, big rig drivers must take the same (if not more) precautions as other drivers on the road.

When A Truck Accident Happens

When a truck accident does occur, there are many factors to take into account. These include:

  • The driver’s training file.
  • The size and weight of the vehicle.
  • The injuries resulting from the accident.
  • Insurance coverage of all drivers involved.

There are also certain unique dangers associated with truck accidents. These include:

  1. Jackknifing: Big rigs are more susceptible to jackknifing, particularly when braking suddenly and turning. Unforeseeable conditions such as slipperiness of the road or a quick turn to avoid a hazard in the road may lead to jackknifing, although the driver of the truck may not have had any control over the accident.
  2. Turning Accidents: Semi-trucks are very large and thus very difficult to turn. Sometimes a driver must use two lanes to make a turn, particularly a right turn. Although these turns sometimes require two lanes to complete, the truck driver may be at fault for making such a turn that results in an accident.
  3. Rollover Accidents: Very large commercial trucks are also prone to rollover accidents due to several factors including improper loading, imbalance of materials inside, speeding, and reckless driving. These accidents tend to be very problematic, as spilled cargo can injure other motorists and cause tremendous traffic issues due to extensive cleanup required, especially if cargo was hazardous.

Seek Experienced Help

Injuries in a truck accident tend to be very different because of the size and weight of the vehicle and ensuing damages that are often substantial to other vehicles involved. Regardless of what type of vehicle you drive, it is important to buckle up, focus on the road, never drink and drive, and always pay attention to the driving behaviors of the drivers around you.

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