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McKenzie & Snyder LLP serves the entire population of Southwest Ohio when injured on the job or in a car accident; they are proud to provide Spanish speaking free injury case evaluations.

Spanish is the official second language in the United States.  Roughly 3% of the Cincinnati, Dayton, Hamilton corridor are Spanish speaking residents. McKenzie & Snyder LLP is proud to ensure that they are speaking your language.  

Find a Spanish Speaking Injury Attorney

The difficulties following a car accident or workplace injury are multiplied when there is a language barrier.  First responders who arrive at the accident scene will have difficulty communicating with a victim of a car accident, associate employees around a worker may not understand an injured worker asking for help.  These issues continue along the path to recovery for a Spanish speaking individual and the injury law firm of McKenzie & Snyder LLP is working to change that.

Spanish Speaking Car Accident Injury Attorneys

Call between business hours to speak with a bi-lingual paralegal who can take the details of your case and help you determine what kind of options you have. When you meet with an injury lawyer at McKenzie & Snyder you will have a bi-lingual translator at your side making sure that nothing about your car accident or injury case is lost in translation.

No Fee Unless We Win

If you have been injured in a car accident, at work, or because of the negligence of someone else you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries to help you recover. An injury attorney at McKenzie & Snyder LLP may be able to help fight for your case. You can go it alone but do you want to make a mistake or battle the large insurance company lawyers who fight cases like yours for a living? That is up to you. Or, you can put the knowledge, will, and experience of the injury law firm of Mckenzie & Snyder LLP in your corner and fight for compensation for your injury and your recovery and stability.

Spanish Speaking Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

If you speak Spanish or if Spanish is your first language but need to speak to an injury attorney in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Dayton and surrounding areas you can call McKenzie & Snyder LLP and we can provide a free case evaluation.  You will not be “lost in translation” and neither will we. We are proud to provide Spanish speaking injury and workers’ compensation legal services to Southwest Ohio.

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