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Origins of the Cincinnati Reds Crowd “Howl” Sound From the Fans.

Sep 27, 2012
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Some major league teams have white towels, some bang plastic sticks; here in Cincinnati the Reds fans have created a truly unique way to not only energize our team, but also to make the opposing team player’s skin crawl.

Watch this clip of the origins of the Cincinnati Howl courtesy MLB and

The “Cincinnati Howl” started late in a game with the Pittsburgh Pirates on Sept 10, 2012 as the game went into many extra innings going late into the night. A group of guys in the outfield started the Cincinnati Howl, and as is the magic atmosphere of Major League Baseball Parks the odd sounding Howl caught on. While the Pirates batted, the crowd Howled, Cawed, but more like, “Whaaaeow”ed. They got a reaction from some of the Pirates players and this locked THe Howl in forever.

The fact that the game was in its 13th inning, 4 innings longer than a normal game had most of the people remaining at the game sort of silly, or “Slap Happy”. The game was on a Monday night that the Cincinnati Bengals played earlier in the day and with school back in session attendance was down at the Reds game. This means that folks with cheaper seats can move up to the field, especially by the 13th inning on a small crowd Monday night game. The odd sound took off in the stadium from all over the place once the guys in the outfield got it going.

That Monday night was “Bark in the Park” where dog owners can buy a ticket to the Reds game for their dogs and bring their furry friends to the stadium. This had to have something to do with the creation of the “Howl”. But I do not know for sure.
Originally the Cincinnati Howl was only done when the Pirates came up to bat as a way to distract the batter. After the final out of the game, after much Howling, the Pirate batter having just struck-out looked angrily up into the crowd. This is what made The Howl stick; Cincinnati is happy to stick it to Pittsburgh whenever we can as they usually get the better of us in football.
If you know any of the guys who started this or were at the Cincinnati Red’s game on Monday, Sept 10, 2012 leave a comment and let us know how it went down.

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