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Neighborhood Bridges: Genius Way To Help Your Community

May 7, 2020
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McKenzie & Snyder LLP has been all about benefiting our Hamilton Community since our inception decades ago. We've remodeled and renovated a stone building on historic Dayton St. We sponsor the free River's Ede community concert series in Hamilton, and we're long time supporters and donators to the Dragon Fly organization.

We are givers and many of our friends and followers are too. But how can we give knowing that what is given will actually help someone or make a difference?

Hamilton, we want to help. But how can we help?

Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a website were community-engaged people, such as: - Teachers - Principals - Clergy - Coaches... could post the needs they identify in the community so that other people can see the needs and fill the need if they can?

Neighborhood Bridges Does Just that and is making a Real Difference.

What is Neighborhood Bridges?

The genius of Neighborhood Bridges is in it's simplicity and use of technology. Neighborhood Bridges is a website where area coordinators like Teachers, Principals, Engaged citizens, clergy can post anonymous needs that they identify in the community.

Once a need is posted by an area director the need is sent out: - to the website, - to social media, - to the newsletter subscription.

Someone who is able to fill a need can then claim the need and fulfill the need by taking the item to the local drop off center. Usually the local firestation.

Targeted & Specific Giving

Targeted giving fits a precise need that when filled bridges a persons path upward by removing a road block in their path forward. The need is identified as part of a larger plan of success, by filling the one need you bridge a barrier toward success in an individuals attempt to better themselves.

Also, the need is specific, it is tangible, someone needed a new pair of shoes, a new pair of shoes are provided. That person is now keeping their feet warm or able to work 8 hour shifts on their feet without debilitating foot pain...

We Want To Help, But Often Do Not Know How

So many of us want to help but do not know how to help without adding to systemic problems that will continue no matter how many resources are thrown at it. While others of us on the ground see a need, like a child who needs a backpack, or a young couple who needs a crib... Neighborhood Bridges provides the solution using technology to bring the list of verified needs to the people who can bridge that need.

Where is it?

Online. On the neighborhood Bridges website each Community has it's own webpage. A person who wants to give can search for their zip code or find their town on a map to see what needs exist in their town.

Neighborhood Bridges is currently in place in Ohio and Alabama with plans to cover the entire United States.

What problem does it solve?

Giving is more complicated than many are aware of. How to give, who to give it to, is something being given actually going to improve a situation or will the giving enable a bad situation to continue? These anamolies parallel giving and can often leave someone feeling burned from giving when they feel taken advantage of.

Targeted giving fits a precise need identified by someone on the ground witnessing the need. This way, when someone fills a need on Neighborhood Bridges they know they helped a real person overcome a real roadblock in their plan.

How can I Get Involved?

  • Fill needs: By going to the website anyone can see the list of open needs needing to be filled. Filling a need can be as easy as dropping something off at your local firestation or making arrangements for larger items.
  • Start a chapter in Hamilton: Starting a chapter requires committment. The success of Neighborhood Bridges is in that it is managed by real people in the community and on the ground. If you want to learn what starting a Neighborhood Bridges in Hamilton, Ohio requires click here:
  • Follow your local Neighborhood Bridges chapter on Facebook, Twitter, and sign up to recieve the Newsletter.

Hamilton, Ohio Cares and Wants to Grow.

Hamilton Ohio has a lot of us that really care about our city & the people in our community. We know that people in Hamilton want to help others who have needs but it is not always clear how to help. That's where Neighborhood Bridges steps in. Neighborhood Bridges provides a list of specific attainable needs posted by area directors that can then be claimed and fulfilled by people in the Hamilton community.

While there is not a Neigborhood Bridges chapter in Hamilton at the moment it is the hope that by spreading the word about this cool organization that we can get it set up in Hamilton, Ohio.

McKenzie & Snyder LLP cares about the people and the future of Hamilton. We have invested in the restoration of our historic Dayton St. office building preserving a stone structure that will last in Hamilton long after we are gone while attracting visitors to Hamilton to see the historic architecture. We sponsor the free to the people Rivers Edge music festival in the park sparking community spirit and fun community things to do in Hamilton.

While we may not be able to start a Hamilton Neighborhood Bridges chapter ourselves we can get the word out to the right people who can. If you know a person who is looking to work a program that would have tremendous benefit for the people and City of Hamilton let them know about Neighborhood Bridges.

Having Neighborhood Bridges in Hamilton will help our people overcome minor obstacles that imped their improvement process leading to a better and safer Hamilton.

Neighborhood Bridges Main Facebook Page



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