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Car safety technology can be profoundly effective. Many advanced features have been growing in technology and are becoming more and more available as options for your vehicle. But what if we told you there was a safety feature now standard in every car that could reduce collisions by 80 percent? Incredible! It may astonish you that although all cars have this component, only half of drivers use this safety feature!





Indiana State Policeman, John Perrine demonstrates this often forgotten, most effective safety feature that is standard on all vehicles:


The often forgotten, incredible safety feature that is standard on all vehicles…

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Posted by John Perrine – Indiana State Police on Friday, February 24, 2017


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Here at Mckenzie & Snyder, we are always interested in discovering the best automobile safety features and their effectiveness in making them safe. Car safety features are always evolving as much as the technology that drives transportation, itself. However, the simplest solution can often be the best solution to ensure your safety on the road. Stay safe, out there!



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