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Debunking Common Misconceptions About Attorneys

Jun 7, 2016
3 min read

You never know when something bad is going to occur. A car accident can happen in the blink of an eye. A fall at work can happen any day. When accidents happen you might find yourself lost in the dark full of uncertainty and confusion. In times like these, the assistance of an attorney can be invaluable, yet you may be hesitant to call because of preconceived ideas about legal assistance. Mckenzie & Snyder hopes to dispel some of those concerns.

Overcoming Concerns With Acquiring An Attorney

  1. “I can’t afford a lawyer.” Mckenzie & Snyder provides free consultations that will help to determine if you have a case that could benefit from legal representation. We don’t get paid unless you do. Making a phone call and consulting with one of our attorneys costs you nothing. If we determine there is not a legitimate case to be had we will let you know upfront. You have nothing to lose.
  2. “My accident happened too long ago to do anything about it now.” You might be surprised to find that legal action can take place years after an accident has taken place in some cases. Attorneys at Mckenzie & Snyder have the knowledge and experience to know whether or not your case is still viable or not depending on the type of case. It varies by state, but Ohio’s statute of limitations is 2 years for a personal injury case. So, it may not be too late to file a lawsuit.
  3. “My case is too small.” Unless you are an attorney, you do not know for sure whether or not your case is legitimate or not. That is why making the first call and scheduling a free consultation with an attorney at Mckenzie & Snyder is so important. The old saying is “you never know if you don’t ask.” That is especially true in determining whether or not a case is too small for legal action to take place.
  4. “I can handle it myself.” Trying to DIY when it comes to legal matters can be a costly mistake. Mckenzie & Snyder has professionals with years of experience in personal injury cases. We are very familiar with the ins and outs of the legal process and can make sure your best interests are looked after. Chances are the parties you will be going up against will have legal counsel- so should you!
  5. “I don’t want anyone else to know about my case.” Personal injury cases are, well, personal. We understand the sensitivity and privacy required to handle these matters. Being too afraid to share your story with an attorney could lead to devastating consequences down the road. You risk suffering physical, emotional, or financial consequences as a result of not sharing your case. We will discretely manage your case with the utmost concern for your confidentiality.

Are you convinced that an attorney at Mckenzie & Snyder could potentially help in your personal injury case? We welcome the opportunity to speak with you during a free consultation to gauge the status of your case. Appointments can be scheduled with one of our knowledgeable attorneys at (513) 737-5180.

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