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Big Car Crash in Cincinnati: Significant Injuries and Documentation

Oct 20, 2011
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Not all car accidents are equal in severity, and differ greatly in terms of injury. Sometimes we see auto accident cases with very little property damage yet serious injuries. Othertimes, we see serious car damage and relatively minor injuries. Some experts have opined that there is a loose correlation between property damage and injury. The insurance industry often relies strongly upon property damage in evaluating claims. Regardless of the severity of one’s injuries, documentation is key.

Serious Cincinnati Car Crashes and Evidence of Injuries

Where one has a serious injury, documentation can be critical. As one example, it is important to know what exactly is being recorded in one’s medical records. Sometimes we see injuries mistakenly attributed to things other than the real culprit (i.e., the car crash). This can be used against injured persons with significant effect.

One has limited control over what ends up in his or her medical records so it is important to be treated by quality care providers who make it a point to keep accurate and detailed notes. In addition to the records, one can, and should, also produce evidence of injury on their own. Journals, photographs, videos and interviews can all help to document injury. Such things can be particularly helpful at trial because they help flesh out for the jury how the injury has affected a person on a day to day basis. For example, showing a paralyzed or disabled individual at home in a “day in the life” video can be particularly effective.

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Written by Andrew Tobergte

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