traffic violations

With our busy lives, we often forget about small things in life that could potentially lead up to a car accident. These small mistakes happen every day while driving to and from work, school, dinner etc.


Traffic Violations & Tickets

No matter where you go there is a good chance that you are committing at least one of these common traffic violations:

1.) Speeding

2.) Failing to signal

3.) Running a red light

4.) Crossing lanes within an intersection

5.) Not using a seatbelt

6.) Crossing the median

7.) Reckless driving


How To Prevent Minor Car Violations From Happening

It’s always important to remind yourself of everyday responsibilities. These laws are important guidelines for safety. It’s up to you to abide by them. Even one speeding ticket can raise your insurance for several years, and multiple violations can push your rates through the roof. Fortunately, many fines can be avoided by following these few simple guidelines.

  • traffic violations that cause car accidentsKnow your traffic laws
  • Drive safely
  • Wear your seatbelt
  • Be aware of other cars
  • Know your surroundings and the roads you travel on
  • Be aware of surrounding traffic
  • Stay off your phone!

Remember you’re not the only one on the road, you could potentially be putting others in danger as well. Start by creating habits out of these responsibilities and stay safe on the road today!


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