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6 Halloween Traffic Safety Tips

Oct 25, 2017
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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a truly enchanting time. Costumes and candy, haunting decorations and monstrous celebrations… It seems everyone takes part in the festivities. As children take to the streets, let’s do our part to keep the amusement fun and safe by practicing our share of Halloween traffic safety.

Halloween Traffic Safety

halloween traffic safety

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Halloween remains one of the top 3 days for pedestrian accidents. Inasmuch as the NHTSA has created their own printable safety sheet with measures we all can take to help reduce that number – download the safety sheet here.

With neighborhoods receiving increased traffic and excitement, it’s important to focus a little more attention and awareness to some details to help keep Halloween safe.

Safety for Halloween Drivers

  1. Watch your speed in residential areas
  2. Be aware of dark costumes and low visibility
  3. Pay close attention to your peripherals, in yards. medians and on sidewalks
  4. Excercise caution while entering and exiting alleys and driveways
  5. Keep your headlights on during daylight and after dark
  6. Look for children crossing the street, even in uncommon places

Halloween Safety for Pedestrians

  1. traffic safety HalloweenWear reflective tape to keep yourself visible at night
  2. Carry a flashlight
  3. Avoid costumes that can obscure your vision
  4. Increase caution while crossing the street
  5. Stick to the sidewalk – avoid walking in the street
  6. Trick-or-treat with a group, if not with your parents

Keeping ourselves aware is half the battle. Please feel free to download, email or print the above safety sheet for your community. Together, we can help in keeping kids, pedestrians, and motorists safe this year.

Thanks for your help and have a Happy Halloween!

Got your own tips for Halloween traffic safety?

We’d love to hear them in the comments, below!

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