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5 Exciting Aspects of Plan Hamilton

Jul 13
4 min read

In early 2019, the City of Hamilton laid forth and approved an ambitious fifteen-year plan for the future of this city. This plan, guided by public opinion and a policy committee, encapsulates every part of Hamilton life. From art to utilities to biking, the "Plan Hamilton attempts" to address a better future for all that call Hamilton, Ohio home.

Here are five aspects of the Plan Hamilton that make this Hamilton native excited for the future of our city.

1.Bike Paths

In an effort to expand accessibility across the city, Hamilton plans to renovate and expand the bike path that runs along the Great Miami River. Expansion of the bike path will include access to the various commercial and residential parts of Hamilton. The expansion will allow for quicker bike access to multiple parts of the city and increased safety for bikers. The bike plan also includes connecting to the ambitious Miami 2 Miami Ohio bike path, a biking system that would run all the way between the Great Miami and Little Miami rivers. Further information about the Miami 2 Miami bike path can be found at

2. 2nd Ward and Lindenwald Revitalization

Particular interest in the Plan Hamilton is placed on the 2nd Ward and Lindenwald neighborhoods. These historic neighborhoods will feature painted intersections for pedestrian safety, improved trash can systems to minimize litter, wall art and sculptures to celebrate local artists, and conversion of empty spaces to community gardens, amphitheaters, parks, and plazas. These small steps will hopefully culminate in a reinvigorated 2nd Ward and Lindenwald Community.

3. Grand Blvd. and Route 4 Alley Enhancements

Revitalized neighborhoods and expansive bike paths are nice, but aren’t worth much if they can’t be reached. To this end, the Plan Hamilton looks to improve the roads, with a particular focus on Grand Blvd. and Route 4 enhancements. These enhancements will include increased accessibility to these main roads, improved safety when turning into or from these roads, potential roundabouts at certain intersections to maximize safety for drivers, and improved alleyways to further accessibility to our city’s various residential and commercial areas.

4. Utility Improvements

The fourth exciting piece of the Plan Hamilton concerns utilities and improving our city’s infrastructure. The Plan looks to repair existing city infrastructure, attract new residents and businesses with competitive utility rates, and enhance essential infrastructure to sustain during disasters. With heavy storms liable to knock out power and the history of our river flooding being a constant worry during rainier seasons, utilities that can survive a disaster are necessary for the city moving forward. The upgrades planned across the city aim to promote lasting sustainability and less reliance on scarce resources. These improvements will lead to a stronger, cheaper utility system for Hamilton residents. Celebration of the Arts

Hamilton Ohio City Improvments to bike paths

5. History

Finally, the Plan focuses on an expansion of Hamilton’s history as a city of culture. Hamilton aims to become a music hub in the southwest Ohio region by expanding on the success of the amphitheater and Hamilton concert series.

Hamilton also plans to support local art initiatives in our grade schools, middle schools, and high schools, while also promoting artistic ventures in the commercial sector. This effort capitalizes on Hamilton’s rich history as a city of art and sculpture.

While these five aspects of the Plan are exciting to this Hamilton native, there are many more exciting improvements in store for the future of our city. To find more information, a full breakdown of the Hamilton Plan can be found at Here, you can find specifics of the Plan, the processes that will need to happen to achieve the goals laid out, and success stories from the Plan so far.

With the work that has been done and will be done on the Plan Hamilton, the future looks bright for our small city.


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