A truck driver can tell you the dangers of a shifting load and how that can cause, sometimes fatal, auto accidents.  Imagine pallets of ball bearings stacked in the back of a semi truck; if the semi truck gets cut off and jerks the wheel into the next lane and the stacks of bearings fall over in the truck, it can cause the whole semi to jerk out of its path. 

Unsteady load turning bad on the roadway.

Be smart before you get out on the roadway and realize you have a crazy load.  Imagine for a second if something were to happen with cars around; the results could be disasterous.  You can cause a multiple car accident.  Imagine what you insurance company would say for causing a multiple car accident.  Please be careful on the road, be alert, aware, and responsive.

This post, if nothing else, will make you an alert and defensive driver.

This image is Real.  If a man or woman needs to move something from point A, to Point B and can not afford to rent a truck for two hours, then look out man, because someone is going to make it happen one way or another.   Like the “Mayhem Man” on the insurance commercials, all too real how he represents the stupid in all of us.      

For the record:  You should not load a car or truck unevenly.  It is very dangerous to have an improperly loaded car or truck.  You can get pulled over and ticketed for having an uneven loaded car or truck and they probably will want to do a soberiety check while they are at it. 

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