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Meet BuckeyeLegal: A Cincinnati Personal Injury Attorney

Oct 28, 2009
1 min read

Andrew Tobergte attorney

BuckeyeLegal is a personal injury lawyer in Cincinnati, Ohio who is making himself available to people as they look for answers and options regarding a personal injury, workers compensation claims, insurance claims, car accident injuries, lawsuits, and more.

BuckeyeLegal is a dedicated family man. Having recently married, he is planning a family of his own. BuckeyeLegal fights to ensure that all of his clients’ rights are protected, and that they receive all of the financial compensation they deserve.

BuckeyeLegal will publish personal injury articles here on this blog that can help to inform an individual on the current state of the laws in Ohio. This blog should not be construed as legal advice. To learn about your legal options e-mail BuckeyeLegal from the box on the right to schedule a free consultation.

“We don’t get paid until You get paid!”

Written by Andrew Tobergte

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