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McKenzie & Snyder Injury Attorney Phone Number and Address QR Code

Mar 8, 2010
2 min read

qr code mckenzie snyder hamilton oh lawyersScan this Bar Code using a Smart Phone Bar Code Scanner to get the contact information of McKenzie & Snyder Attorneys at Law, a personal injury and workers’ compensation law firm in southwest Ohio.

What About The Qr Bar Code

The Qr bar code was created by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994. For years it was used primarily for warehouse tracking. Already popular in Japan, the 2D bar code automatically gets our contact information to your phone where you have the option to either erase it, dial our number, email us, or store our information for later. Go ahead, scan the screen! Then push “dial” on your smart phone to schedule a free consultation with a Cincinnati injury attorney.

It is like copy and paste; it saves paper and is very convenient.

Cincinnati Injury attorney Andrew Tobergte is working all the time from his smart phone. Store McKenzie & Snyder on your phone and call if you ever have questions regarding a personal injury attorney or workers’ compensation lawyer.

“We don’t get paid until You get paid!”

Written by Andrew Tobergte

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