A Must See Night Time Spectacular Of The Lunar Eclipse

Night Time Spectacular Total Lunar Eclipse Needing something fun to do this weekend? Why not end the weekend with a spectacular event thats FREE! On Sunday September 27th, Bring your blanket and lawn chair to watch the night sky's total lunar eclipse. This event will be held at Forest Run MetroPark Welcome Center in Hamilton, Ohio. It will be the last total lunar eclipse, or as some would refer … [Read more...]

Don’t miss out on The Color Run Night 5k in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Color Run Night 5k in Cincinnati, Ohio If you haven’t already signed up, don’t miss out on the happiest 5k on earth sharing their fun throughout the night! You can be one of the thousands of runners to light up the night sky throughout cincinnati! This colorful experience will be held on October 3rd at 8:00 PM. It’s almost here so grab your team and get glowing! When you register you will … [Read more...]

Bike Tour Cincinnati When You Visit The All-Star Game

So you’re in town for the MLB All-Star Game but you’d like to check out the local destinations and culture around Cincinnati; why not tour by a bike? Our favorite downtown Cincinnati bike route that hits many of the coolest locations; read below for the must try destinations. Bike Rental Locations Marked with Red Markers. Bike Rentals Red Bike- A new company to Cincinnati, has several … [Read more...]

Last Weekend to Experience Butterflies of the Philippines in Cincinnati

Cincinnati always has great events going on, take a break from working this weekend and enjoy the multitude of activities in the Cincinnati area with both family and friends! whether you're looking to just relax or get up and go out, there is plenty to do for everyone of all ages! Butterflies of The Philippines at the Krohn Conservatory From now until June 21, Grab your family and head over to … [Read more...]

Do I Have a Good Personal Injury Case?

We are routinely asked by potential clients whether we think they have a strong personal injury case. It is very important to receive and understand a full and honest assessment so there are no misunderstandings. Significant Injury Does Not Necessarily Equate to a Strong Case Although it is true that many who suffer significant injury in an accident will have a strong claim, that is, … [Read more...]

Do I Need to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

We are often asked by potential clients whether or not they need to hire a lawyer for their personal injury case. The answer depends upon a number of considerations. #1: How significant were the injuries? If a potential client has very minor injuries that resolved in a few days or weeks, for example, I will tell them they probably don't need legal representation. The exception is when some … [Read more...]

The Healthy Ohio Program

Have you ever needed help and didn't know where to turn? The Healthy Ohio Program is an amazing website dedicated to helping all Ohioans with a multitude of services ranging from tourism and recreation to starting your own local business. The Healthy Ohio Program offers an easy to understand and navigate website for all your local needs, whether you're looking for tax forms, information about … [Read more...]

Cincinnati Lawyer Fees for Car Accident Cases

How much will I have to pay for legal representation on a personal injury case? We are often asked by potential clients how much they will have to pay for our legal representation on personal injury cases. They will often ask, “how much do you cost?” Or, “how much will this cost me?” McKenzie & Snyder LLP works on a “contingency fee” basis on personal injury cases. If you do not win your … [Read more...]

229 Dayton Street Is “Haunted”

Built in 1860, the Hamilton building at 229 Dayton St. that houses McKenzie & Snyder's office has served many uses. A funeral home operated in the building for 70 years. The law firm's staff report spooky activity in the building, like eerie shadows, odd noises, and phones calling each other. What did the Tri-State Ohio Paranormal Society discover when they investigated? Check out … [Read more...]

A Fresh Place to Eat Near the Courthouse in Downtown Cincinnati

In downtown Cincinnati settling a legal issue? Try the recently opened Huit restaurant at 29 E. Court St., just a block and a half from the Hamilton County Courthouse. Huit's name comes from the French word for "eight" (it's pronounced "weet") in honor of one of the restaurant's signature dishes, its eight-spice pork ribs. Locally Crafted BBQ + More Given Huit's tagline, "craft BBQ," you won't … [Read more...]