Ohio Appeals Court Decision Goes Against Passenger in Hit & Run Case

8th Ohio Circuit Court of Appeals

In a recent 8th Appellate District Case entitled Washington v. Geico, 2014 Ohio 4375, the Court affirmed a lower court decision denying uninsured motorist coverage to a passenger in a hit and run situation. The case involved a 2011 car accident wherein the plaintiff was traveling as a passenger in a car driven by an individual insured by Geico Insurance Company. The plaintiff sought recovery of … [Read more...]

Weekend in Cincinnati: MPMF Music Festival: Cueto for 20 Wins.

Mid Point Music Festival in Cincinnati

What a weekend it's going to be in Cincinnati, Ohio. For those of us who are not going to be in Columbus for the OSU vs UC football game at the horseshoe, it will be a fabulous weekend in Cincinnati. Music. Four simple letters. M. P. M. F.! Mid Point Music Festival is this weekend in OTR. Most of the music venues in OTR and downtown become venues for MPMF; hosting bands from all over the world. … [Read more...]

RiverEdge: FREE Concert Series in Hamilton, Ohio

Hamilton Ohio Free Concert

September is a great time to be in Hamilton, Ohio for classic rock aficionados who like free concerts. If you are looking for things to do in Hamilton this month then get out your lawnchair, blankets, kids, and tye-dyes because the RiversEDGE Concert Series is bringing it! It's Tribute Month at the RiversEDGE Concert Series with a line up of classic rock tribute bands of The Beatles, Pink … [Read more...]

Medical and Car Insurance Coverage: Is There Enough Money to go Around?

multiple injuries in a car accident

If you look into car insurance liability coverage, and specifically the declarations page, you will often see numbers like 100/300. These numbers tell you just how much liability coverage a person or company has that could apply in an accident. We routinely see these types of numbers in Ohio car accident cases. What do these Insurance Numbers Really Mean? The first number represents the max … [Read more...]

Refusal to Participate in Vocational Rehabilitation Can Cost Permanent Total Disability Claimant

injured worker vocational rehabilitation

Certain work injuries are so significant that they result in a permanent "inability to perform sustained remunerative employment." If such inability is due to the allowed conditions in an Ohio workers' compensation claim, then the worker is eligible for permanent total disability (PTD) benefits. Such benefits compensate an injured worker for impairment of earning capacity and are payable for … [Read more...]

What if Both Drivers are at Fault in a Cincinnati Auto Accident?

auto accident negligence

We routinely get phone calls from potential clients in Cincinnati involved in auto accidents where both drivers have some level of negligence, or where the responding police officer cannot determine fault so no driver is issued a citation. This situation often involves intersections and lane changes. We have to take a close look at these types of accidents before proceeding with a claim as … [Read more...]

Ohio Truck Accident Lawyers

truck driver

Your truck is your lifeline! If you suffer a personal injury while driving a truck, you may be at risk of losing your source of income. Being on the road is money: When you're not driving, you're not earning. Truck Accident Attorneys Sitting in a seat while being injured hurts. People may assume that driving a semi truck is easy or it can be done while injured. Those people have never driven a … [Read more...]

Hamilton OH Law Firm Sponsors 2014 RiversEdge Concert Series

Join us all summer long for the RiversEdge concert series in Hamilton, OH! McKenzie & Snyder is proud to support our community as a sponsoring partner. Written by Andrew Tobergte … [Read more...]

Workers’ Compensation for Injured Ohio Employees

Ohio bureau of workers' compensation

In my own life I have worked to build each day so that the next day is better than the previous one. I have worked all kinds of jobs doing all kinds of things. Several of the lawyers at McKenzie & Snyder LLP have also worked all kinds of jobs doing all kinds of things. I am so very fortunate that I was not injured on the job, even though I have worked with machinery, sawmills, restaurant line … [Read more...]

Employee Overcomes Common Slip & Fall Defenses

oh seventh district appeals court

In February of 2011, Thurman Trowbridge was working as a security guard at Franciscan University when he slipped while coming off of a step. He struck his head on the step, fracturing two vertebrae as well as sustaining other significant injuries. The area had recently been mopped, and Mr. Trowbridge claims not to have seen any posted signs indicating that the area was wet. He further indicated … [Read more...]